There are a number of life issues that can and will get you stressed out. Here’s an easy one that we are all familiar with, the economy.
Many are without income, many are without jobs, and many more are hurting financially while still working harder and taking on more responsibilities due to increased workloads from pay cuts and layoffs within their companies organization.
These things tend to bring us down (I’m speaking here from experience, as this is a big part of my current personal situation).
Are you tired of trying to figure out what you can do to fix this? Are you tired of asking yourself how you will get through it all?
If so, I have good news for you. You will get through it…stop trying to do it on your own! Ask God for help.
Let go of your stress and cry out to Him. He will listen and He will take action.
Asking God for help does not mean that you just ask and receive. You have to do your part.
Look at your life in this way. You are here to manage Gods plan. That’s it. You give your best to Him and He will give His best to you.
Simple right? Yes it is, however, you cannot just ask Him for help and expect an immediate fix to your situation. Many people that think this way tend to loose their faith when His response does not meet their expectations.
Just know that He will fix your situation in His time, not yours. Remember, you are here to manage His plan, not your plan.
Also remember this, letting go will most likely be gradual. Don’t think that you are incapable of letting go if you continue to have lingering worries. As long as you let go more and more each day, you will eventually have let it all go. Think of it as putting on more and more armor each day to deflect the stresses of life.
Trust in Him. To trust in Him means to have faith in Him.
Have faith in Him.

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