The Liberty Times is a newspaper published in Taiwan in Traditional Chinese. Founded by Lin Rong-San, it is published by the Liberty Times Group, which also publishes the English language newspaper the Taipei Times. The newspaper was first published on 17 April 1980, as Liberty Daily, before adopting its current name in 1987.
The Liberty Times building in Taipei City.

It is one of the four major newspapers in Taiwan, the other three being the Apple Daily, the China Times, and the United Daily News. While the United Daily News is regarded as taking an editorial line that supports unification, the Liberty Times is thought to take a Pan Green pro-independence political stance. (Source: Wikipedia:

9 02, 2020

Did Beijing Just Go Into Strict Management/Lockdown?

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This is an article from Liberty Times Net: If this article is accurate, it looks like Beijing is in effect, starting to go down quarantine road. Oh boy! Here we go! Here is the Google translation of the article from Liberty Times Net. Bold emphasis and color was added. (See original Chinese text below translation) Begin translated text: 2020-02-10 07:53:29 [Real-time news / comprehensive report] The pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, China has been [...]