Stress. Had any lately?

If you say no, your lying to yourself. How do you handle it? What is the best way to handle it? How do you get rid of it?

These are questions that plague us all.

I am currently under an extreme amount of potential stress. However, I am letting (most of) it go. I say most of it since I haven’t mastered giving it all to God just yet. However, I’m getting better at it. It’s a process. My goal is to give it ALL TO HIM! So, how do I plan on achieving this?

Well, there are two elements to my plan…prayer and prioritizing.

The first element is prayer since it is the most important element! We need God to know that we are asking for guidance in our quest and He needs to know that we are serious enough about achieving our stress-free goal by letting Him in on it!

The second element is prioritizing. Take each issue that causes you stress and prioritized it! I have found that when I prioritize each issue and place them in a single-file line (one in front of the other) I can focus on each one as it’s turn comes up. I find this a much more efficient way of dealing with my life-issues, after all it’s better than trying to tackle every issue at once when they are not prioritized.

Practice this. See how it works.

I’ll have more on this in my next post.

Take care and God bless!

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