This is an article from Liberty Times Net:

If this article is accurate, it looks like Beijing is in effect, starting to go down quarantine road.

Oh boy! Here we go!

Here is the Google translation of the article from Liberty Times Net. Bold emphasis and color was added. (See original Chinese text below translation)

Begin translated text:

2020-02-10 07:53:29

[Real-time news / comprehensive report] The pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, China has been delayed, and more than 80 cities in China have implemented “closed management” such as the closure of cities. Today, the Beijing authorities also issued the “Outbreak Prevention and Control Notice Strict Closed Management of Residential Communities”, announcing Beijing Also entered the “closed city” state.

According to the notice, Beijing Municipality has further strictly implemented “community closed management”. Foreign vehicles and personnel must not enter. People arriving in Beijing must also report their health status and complete the registration of personal information. Within 14 days before arriving in Beijing, persons who have left the affected area or have contact history with personnel in the affected area shall be subject to inspection or home observation in accordance with regulations, take the initiative to report their health status, and cooperate with relevant management services. They shall not go out. Anyone who refuses to accept medical observation, home observation and other epidemic prevention measures and constitutes a violation of public security management shall be severely punished by the public security organs according to law.

In addition, all public places in the Beijing community that are not needed for living are closed. All agencies and enterprises must strictly strengthen temperature monitoring. Housing agents and landlords in Beijing must provide local units with information on rental houses and tenants, which have been used for epidemic prevention. jobs.

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武漢肺炎》中國疫情失控 北京今宣布封城!

2020-02-10 07:53:29







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