According to an article at Liberty Times Net, a funeral home in the Hubei epidemic area of China is having a difficult time keeping up with the amount of bodies they have to burn?

Apparently, victims of this crazy Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) are MUCH MORE NUMEROUS than the Chinese government is willing to admit.

In a post titled:

Bodies piling up, Hubei Province funeral home workers pushed to near collapse as cremation centers burn HUNDREDS of bodies per day

Natural News linked to this Chinese language article:

(link to above post from Natural News:

Here is the Google translation of the text of the Chinese language article referenced above:

2020-02-09 00:02:14

[Instant News / Comprehensive Report] The pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan is severe, and China has fallen across the country. Recently, some media visited the funeral home in Hubei Province. The staff broke the news. They did not take a break before the Spring Festival. To 127 remains, a maximum of 316 can be burned per day. “

According to comprehensive media reports, the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan in China has continued to worsen. Investigators recently visited the funeral home in Hubei Province by phone. The staff broke down and said, “The daily traffic and cremation volume are four to five times the usual. He has no rest now and can sleep for two or three hours a day. He is also very happy. He also calculated that they alone took 127 remains and burned 116 on February 3, and “can burn up to 316 remains per day.” “.

According to the Malaysian China Daily report, based on the data disclosed by the funeral home staff, the “Hankou Funeral Home”, also located in the Hubei epidemic area, can burn up to 576 bodies per day. In addition, China Media went to the scene and found that the dead could not be cremated for a week. The funeral home staff pointed out that the number of deaths has skyrocketed since the 22nd of last month, and the current manpower and vehicles are not enough.

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