Life is full of ups and downs that seem to never end. Any experienced Christian will tell you that once you give your life to Christ, your trials will soon begin. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way suggesting that your previous trials don’t matter, quite the contrary. Apply any and all past experiences to these trials. These new trials will test you like you have never been tested before.

These trials have a purpose, a very specific and serious purpose. Again, when you give your life to Christ, He takes you seriously, very seriously.

God uses you for His purpose, and, at the same time, He tests you. Once you make the commitment, it’s “game on!”.

You can look at these tests/trials in many ways. You can look at them as an opportunity for personal growth. You can also look at them as a dry-run for the next test. Or, you may choose to look at them as a punishment (if this is the case, suck it up and learn from it). However you choose to look at them, the outcome is the same – God’s plan is in motion and you are a big part of it! If you get to the point of giving up during one of these trials, don’t. No matter how difficult it seems, keep moving forward.

You will experience plenty of negative commentary in your head. Ignore it and keep your focus on what you need to do. Don’t become discouraged. Expend your energy focusing on what God wants (the positives), not on the negative “what if?” thoughts.

When you need extra help, ask Him for it. He will give you the help you need (if you need it) in His time, not yours. Remember that.

This is very important, don’t try to control everything! You will try (at least at first), but you won’t succeed. Let go and let Him guide you. He will not lead you astray. At times, you might think He is leading you in the wrong direction, but again, you will be wrong. He knows exactly what He is doing. When you try to control the situation, He will only tweak His plan a bit and put you back in your place. When you make Him perform a course correction on you, it only wastes time. (His time, not yours. Remember, He created your perception of time. It’s all His, and He has plenty of it. Your a human with limited time. Make the best of it!)

Remember, your purpose is to do God’s will. That is why you exist. Think of you role in this life as a manager. You are here to manage a portion of His plan. When we all work together, He allows us to do great things!

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