Have you ever had those days where you feel lost? The pressure is ON and you just can’t seem to get your head out of the sand. That was me as of late.

For quite some time now I have been going through some hard times. Even though I have been in constant communication with God, I felt as if I was walking aimlessly through a never-ending maze. I kept asking Him to give me direction, to give me signs. He has responded quite clearly, more than once. Even so, I find myself struggling with negativity about the situation I have been in. Why?

The reason for my negativity finally hit me today…even though I already knew it. I just didn’t realize that I already knew it.

His answers have been quite clear and concise. They just weren’t the answers I wanted to hear. That is why I continued to doubt myself in regards to the path His answers have quite clearly set before me.

I know that there will be obsticales, but He will help me overcome them and clear the way for me. After all, it’s the path He has set before me. Therefore, He will present solutions for obsticales…I just have to maintain a clear and trusting mind to see them.

The bottom line is this. I was not putting my trust in God. I was trying to control my situation, a situation that I was NOT in control of. I had to let go.


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